Kinesist leuven

Kinesist leuven

Booking during COVID-19

Please assess if you can already book a consult at the practice.

If you belong to one of the categories below, please book a video consult.

Category 1: Patients from at risk group

  • >70 years of age

  • >60 years of age and one of the following comorbidities:

    • diabetes​

    • hypertension

    • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

    • cardio-vascular disease

    • cerebro-vascular accident (CVA)

Category 2: Patients that had a positive COVID-19 test

Category 3: Patients that had one of the following symptoms in the past 2 week:

  • fever​

  • headache

  • general fatigue

  • general muscle soreness

  • coughing

Category 4: Patient that have been in contact with a person that had a positive COVID-19 test

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