Kinesist leuven

Kinesist leuven

Intensification COVID-19 measures

As a result of the spike in COVID-19 cases we intensify our measures to protect you, our team and our patients.


We ask you to

  1. Only use the facemasks* we provide and for a maximum duration of 6 hours**

  2. Disinfect your hands prior to mounting and dismounting your face mask

  3. Store your mask in the paper bag between treatment sessions

  4. Only use the masks we provide during your visit at Magnus Kinesitherapie


All our therapists will be wearing FFP2 / N95 masks during this period.


We shall adhere to these measures until the number of daily new hospitalization due to COVID-19 drops below 150.


We thank you in advance for your support in fighting COVID-19 and assuring a safe workplace.


* The masks we provide are type II surgical masks

** Take a new mask & paper bag after 6 hours

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