Preventive stabilization and prevention training

Max. 8 athletes

In order to attain a maximal progress we limited the amount of athletes.

Progressive increments (6 week program)

Consistency and tailored trainings leads to better results and a faster learning curve

€ 79

single session: € 15

60 minutes per session with supervision of sportsphysiotherapist

Are you a runner, triathlete, cyclist or endurance athletes who wants to improve performance and reduce injury risks?

With prevention and perfomance oriented training sessions you can improve your functional strengths and the efficiency of movement. The resulting motor control, perception and stability will in turn create more economy during whole body exercise and thus better performance outcomes.

Under supervision of our licensed sport physiotherapist we offer tailored training session to improve your strengths and weaknessesn. They are experienced in working with Olympic and National team athletes in sports such as athletics, triathlon, volleybal, (ice-)hockey and swimming. With a hollistic approach and the possibility to adapt to you're personal level we raise the bar in performance training.

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