Kinesist leuven


Kinesist leuven


MSc in rehabilitation sciences | sports therapy

Master Osteopathy (in progress)



Musculoskeletal physiotherapy Heverlee

Sports physiotherapy

Sport specific expertise



Jeroen graduated as Master of Science in physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences at the KU Leuven in 2016. He specialized in sports rehabilitation. In 2017 he started his training programme to become an osteopath at the FICO in Antwerp.


Throughout his life, Jeroen has been intrigued by an active, healthy lifestyle. He has been active in athletics for over 10 years and developed a keen interest in cycling throughout the last years. His personality can best be described as an ambitous and studious person with a positive mindset. Hence,  treatment efficacy and patient satisfaction are essential values throughout his therapeutic approach. In practice, he combines manual therapy with active rehabilitation to empower patients.

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