Kinesist Leuven

Kinesist leuven

Steve Dierckxsens - Physiotherapist Leuven

Steve has a broad interest in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences. This resulted in a Master degree in both pediatric and musculoskeletal rehabilitation and physiotherapy. In 2013 he obtained a degree in paediatric rehabilitation sciences at the University of Leuven (KULeuven). In addition, he pursued and obtained both a second master degree in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and postgraduate in manual therapy (KULeuven, 2014).


Besides his work at Magnus he's accompanying physiotherapist at Crossfit Proteios in Leuven and active for the Royal Belgian Ice Hockey Federation (RBIHF). To conclude, he commenced to study osteopathy at the Flanders International College of Osteopathy in Antwerp.


MSc in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy - musculoskeletal rehabilitation | KU Leuven

MSc in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy - pediatric rehabilitation | KU Leuven

Postgraduate manual therapy | KU Leuven

MSc Osteopathy (i.o.) | FICO


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