Rediscover the curative strength of your body





Magnus physiotherapy believes that healing is facilitated by rehabililating together. We offer a house with the time and space to rediscover your healthy self. Because if you get better, we can all benefit from it.

Maison Magnus is your home of rehabilation.


We believe that when you feel at home at Magnus, you will experience reduced levels of stress. This will result in improved quality of therapy and a faster recovery. Enjoy the art of rehabilitation and escape  the everyday hassle in our living room before, during or after your treatment.

Physiotherapist Leuven

Tailored physiotherapy

Because great therapy demands specific expertise, we choose to work with a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists. This increases the succes rate of your treatment. At maison magnus we have a broad team of manual, pediatric, sports and tempomandibular physiotherapist.

Rehabilitate with peers

At Magnus physiotherapy Leuven we want our patient to feel confident by sharing experiences with other patients. We believe that your rehabilitation experience can facilitate and motivatie others so they in turn can motivate you.

Sportspecific screenings

We developed several tools to analyze and evaluate the injury risk for specific sports. With this we prepare a personalized prevention and training plan to diminish the likelyhood of injuries within your sport.

MAGNUS Kinesitherapie Leuven

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